P.R. China Services - Oil Spill Response Services (SPRO)

Top Glory Marine Service GmbH & Co. KG and our Mainland China Subsidiary Top Glory Marine Service (China) Ltd. were founded in response to the Regulations of the PeopleĀ“s Republic of China (PRC) on the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships.

Through our China subsidiary company, we are able to assist owners and ship managers to identify and conclude the contract with a qualified SPRO vendor in each Chinese Port, where the MSA has the implementation request for the oil spill prevention and response.

The next advantage is that we are acting as the single contact point for all Chinese Ports, when owners and/or ship managers have a query about regulations and requirements and/or have a request for signing the SPRO contract and for managing the contract renewal accordingly.

Top Glory Marine Service co-ordinate closely with owners and/or ship managers for their updated fleet list and ensure local SPRO vendors update their local filling and registration accordingly.

The full support to the ships master at all Chinese Ports is given 24/7 by a secretarial and administrative service, when the contracts have been placed.


(Marine Oil Spill Response Drills at Shenzhen, PRC)
(Anti-Pollution Exercise at Shenzhen, PRC)